Friday, 22 May 2015

Twin Quilts

The twin quilts are finished - yay!

You can pop over here to see the work in progress, but basically the brief was full of ice-cream colours ... mainly yellow, pink and mint green in pastel shades) ...

Cute little animals ...

and a minimal design ...

I added some straight line quilting in matching variegated mint and yellow threads, creating 60 degree diamonds (channelling my inner waffle cone) and some stripy binding for extra yum!

They are sweet and simple at 40" x 60" and I can't wait to see them in their new home.  The little twins will be welcomed into our crazy world any time now ... Exciting!


Monday, 18 May 2015

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Mini Quilt

Hello there!

I'm quite proud of this little mini ...

... so ...for the very first time ... I'm entering a quilt into the Blogger's Quilt Festival - gulp!

It all started with Ruth sending me a copy of the Little Quilts book, I instantly fell in love with everything in this book!

Then Sarah announced a mini quilt swap on Instagram and the rest is history!

I had the absolute pleasure of sewing the required hexagons from Art Gallery's Dreamin' Vintage fabric range and even more fun when it came to the embroidery part.

I'm not the most elegant embroiderer, in fact I've had one person comment that it looks like I'm about to stab my work with the way that I hold my needle, but this little bee was so much fun!

I embellished the embroidered abdomen with some gold thread ...

I was so pleased with the result that 'gold fever' instantly hit and I started putting gold everywhere!

I hand quilted the mini in the same gold thread ...

Went totally gold cray-cray on the back ...

... and calmed myself down a bit with a touch of gold spots on the binding.

As this was a swap, the little bee quilt now lives in another loving home.  I keep promising to make myself one too ... one day.

Thanks for visiting and yay me for finally having the bees to enter!

Serena xx

Minis On My Mind

May seems to be the month of Minis for me.

I'm in two swaps on Instagram.  The first featuring Anna Maria Horner fabric (like I could resist that!)

My partner is not a fan of anything too bright, she prefers more muted colours (fluro is not her friend) so I started with this hexie/half-hexie configuration ...

It was starting to look more dull than muted to me so I've decide to add a bit more colour to help this mini bloom.

Here's hoping I'm on the right track!

The second Instagram swap I'm in is all about Lizzy House fabrics, fun right?!

I flipped/flopped with a few ideas for this swap and just couldn't settle on a design.  Then I spied that my partner is getting hitched soon so I thought it might be fun to do a double wedding ring mini (disclaimer: of some sort lol).

Turns out Lizzy House fabrics are really fun to fussy cut and I think the added selvedges are a nice touch for a mini focusing on a single fabric designer ... even if I do say so myself :)

I'm hoping to have these minis ready to quilt soon so that I can quilt them at the same time as Hubby's half hexie flimsy ... I don't like having to change feet on my machine ... lazy bones.

May has also brought with it many other M's ...

We've ... Moved house

Sewing room (lol)

We held a My Little Pony birthday party for Miss 5 ... two days after we moved (madness)

I made 26 of these pool noodle ponies for the birthday party - such fun!

We had a magical Mother's Day

We took some silly selfies as Daddy is away visiting his mum (aka Nanny London) in the Mother Country

and we've been helping Master Monty settle into our new home ...

He seems to be coping just fine ...

My goodness it's been a momentous month so far!  I might just join Master Monty next time he flops on the couch.


Friday, 24 April 2015

Work in Progress - Twins

There are two little twin girls on their way to this world (not mine - everyone relax!) due in 5 weeks so I have been squirrelling away on my first commissioned quilts.

The quilts are being commissioned by a friend of mine (who knows the brave mum ... twins - eep!) so I'm working on second-hand knowledge of what the mum likes and I need to balance what my friend has in mind ... after-all it's HER gift to the mother, not mine.

We all see and interpret colours differently, so when I was told that the nursery was going to be decorated in pastels; mostly pink, yellow and mint green ... I set about creating a collage of how I interpreted these colours and sent it to my friend to see if I was on the right track.

The colour palette is a winner - phew!

So next on the list is interpreting what kind of style she would like the quilts to be ... style ... yes, um ... no idea!  So a few more collages coming right up!

Geometric shapes ... patterned quilts?

Keep in mind that these are all examples from my Pinterest Boards

Nope, not what she was after ... ok ... well what about pictorial quilts?

Again, all these quilts can be found on my Pinterest Board

Yes, it's a winner!  This is the style she is after.

Now I have a good sense of colour and style and she also mentioned that the mum doesn't like anything too fussy ... so I'm left to come up with something within those parameters with a healthy dose of negative space.

Fabric shopping time!

A quick check in with my friend when I find these bolts of gorgeousness and the top two get the thumbs up, but the bottom one is coming across more aqua than mint green ... hmm finding this elusive mint green in pretty (baby appropriate ... don't ask!) fabric is tough.

I think I visited most Quilt Shops in Perth and the closest I could find was a Cotton + Steel fabric in their basics range.  No hardship there ... I love the feel of their fabrics, but the pattern on the fabric was too geometric for my friend.

Then I remembered this wonderful, perfect, most magnificent shade of mint EVER in Aneela Hoey's Posy range ... but could I still find the yardage I needed?

Just! ... and exhale.

And what have I made with all this fabric loveliness?

Deer pattern by Quietplay

Hedgehog free pattern found here

I've now quilted the two tops in matching variegated yellow and mint green threads .... oh! and just found a yummy stripy binding at my new LQS called Materilise ... I think I want to live there, just saying.

Happy Days!

Serena xx
PS My email is fixed now, so I look forward to being able to reply to you!

No Email

Hello out there ...

If you've left a comment on a post recently, thank you!  ... and I wish I could reply to you!

You see, it's all gone Pete Tong over here and my email is on the blink, kaput and just just plain broken.

I promise I'm not a rude cow (that only happens in cases of extreme hunger and trust me I have loads of Easter Eggs stashed at the moment!)

Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon ... don't you just love moving house??

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Scrappy Needle Book

I'm continually amazed with what you can make from a pile of scraps.

Considering I'm quite scrap-phobic (arghhh clutter, clutter, clutter!) ... I've been trying to turn a new leaf and be more considerate of my scraps (because they have feelings).  Mostly I still toss them (gasp!), but slowly and surely, I'm beginning to use them.

I'm a member of the Perth Modern Quilt Guild and our latest growth spurt means there are a lot of new names to remember ... something I'm not good at!  So I was happy to join the Name Badge Swap.

I can only show you the back of the badge I made as my partner hasn't received it yet ...

Work in progress

I added a bit of the Free Spirit FQ Bundle tape to the back of her badge to remind her to be a free spirit when creating.  It's very easy to get hung up on all do's and don't s of quilting ... sometimes you just have to do what makes you happy.

I didn't stop at the badge though ... I decided to make my swap partner a little something extra with all of these beautiful scraps.

I decided to take my own advice and just make what made me happy ... and this little needle book is the result!

I used some more Free Spirit tape for the closure

My version of improv ... wonky ...

Some happy yellow dots for inside

... and I shared some of my new wonder clips from my latest Massdrop purchase :)

It was fun to try something new with scraps!  I'm not addicted to everything scrappy yet ... but I'm starting to gain a healthy appreciation of them :)

Serena xx

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

One Hour Basket

I happily stumbled across a fabulous tutorial on Instagram the other day ... I followed the links home to @kelbysews and found her blog where she's published the 1 Hour Basket tutorial ... and I'm so glad she did!

Most examples I've seen on IG for the use of this basket is to hold a mountain of FQ's ... and yes, I'll be making more for me for that exact reason ... but I needed this one to hold wool!

It fits 6 x 100g balls of wool perfectly

This basket has been made for my MIL - aka Nanny London - to send along with her latest wool order from Australia.  She is a fan of Patons and can't seem to find it locally in London ... and well, to be honest, I'm starting to find it hard to locate in Australia ... Spotlight used to have the full range.  Where are you Patons?  Your Big Baby Brand of wool has been clothing my daughters since they were newborns!  

A Nanny London cardigan is a must in our house when the weather turns cool ... for rolling on quilts when mummy is checking her quilting ...

and if it's cold enough to have a baby cino, then it's cold enough to wear a Nanny London cardi :)

So this basket, along with a bounty of wool, will be winging it's way to London very shortly.  My girls have grown out of the last instalment of cardigans and Autumn is upon us!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Serena xx


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